There are many options available to you for financing your iCRYO Cryotherapy Franchise. Whether you will personally fund your cryotherapy center, partner with an investor, or obtain a loan for your business, we will support you in securing the finances necessary for your business.

The capital needed for start up will depend on the size of your location and cost of build-out. Here are a few ways you can fund your iCRYO Cryotherapy Franchise.

Personal Funds

While other financing options can take time, financing your own project allows for you to move swiftly through the development phase. If you have the capital and choose to fund your own project from start to open, it takes only a few months to get your franchise up and running. 

Partner with an Investor 

Many of our franchisees partner with an investor for their franchise. This investor could be a family member, a close friend, or a professional investor.

If you choose this route, you will first find the appropriate partner who would like to become part of your team. You will then provide the appropriate documentation to us once your partnership is formed and funds are secure.

Once we approve your group, we will move forward with the development of your location.

Obtain a Business Loan

If you prefer or need to obtain a loan for your business there are several options available to you.

iCRYO is a SBA approved franchise which allows you to apply for a SBA loan with low interest rates and monthly payments.

There are additional loan options out there for entrepreneurs looking for finance options for their business as well.

  • You may use your existing bank to apply for a commercial loan.
  • If you are a United States Veteran and are eligible for a VA loan, you may use this as an option for funding your franchise.
  • iCRYO has also established relationships with approved vendors that can offer loans for equipment and start up costs for your business. They will help find the appropriate loan for you based on your financial need, credit score, assets, and liquidity.

No matter which financial decision makes the most sense to you, all funds shall be secured prior to moving into the development phase for your location.

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