Modern Living with Kathy Ireland: Innovative Cryotherapy Solutions for Health and Wellness with iCRYO Cryotherapy

Modern Living with Kathy Ireland® is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with iCRYO's CEO, Bill Jones, COO, Kyle Jones and Marketing Manager, Laura Jones to discuss whole body cryotherapy healing techniques.

Safe for all ages, cryotherapy is a relatively new therapy providing the body with unique benefits. iCRYO is an affordable, convenient and professional cryotherapy center that offers whole body cryotherapy, cryo facials and localized cryotherapy.

“Each and every person can benefit from whole body cryotherapy,” says CEO Kyle Jones. “We use a liquid nitrogen source to get the good benefits of a cold treatment without having negative side effects of hurting the tissue. The main benefit of using cryotherapy is a reduction of inflammation.”

This solution has had a number of benefits, including muscle & joint repair, immunity boost and stress relief, anti-aging & skin rejuvenation, metabolic boost & improved sleeping. iCRYO facials help stimulate collagen production, reduce pore size and increase blood flow, reduce inflammation for sprain/injury, and rejuvenate fatigued skin. The center offers several types of cryotherapy to fit specific needs. Whole body cryotherapy is only two to three minutes, provides immediate benefits, and affordable enough to make it a consistent part of any healthy regimen.

“It’s good to see new technology that helps individuals relieve muscle pain and strain in such a short time,” says JL Haber, Vice President of Programming. “This could really change the way injuries and inflammation is treated for the everyday person.”

 Watch the full interview in the video below. 

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