Once your location is open for operation, we will be no more than a phone call or email away. In this new industry of cryotherapy, we understand that you will be learning more about your business every day. We want to help you in every way possible and are available to give support, advice, and further education as necessary. Here is a list of some main areas where your iCRYO Corporate Support Team will be able to help you grow. 


We are here to help you manage operations as well as provide advice on guest and employee management for the lifetime of your business. With many approved vendors on our side, we have contacts with companies that can help you manage things such as payroll, accounting, and marketing collateral. We provide extensive franchise training to prepare you for the management of your business, however, we understand that hands on issues will arise as your business grows. We will be here to help you make informed decisions as you work through each new phase of your business. 

Operations & Sales

Your support team is ready to help you through any hurdles you may come across. Having worked in our corporate center building the systems we now operate under, we are here to advise you in what we believe to be the best practice for our business model. You will have a direct line of communication with our Corporate Support Team for any operations support you shall need for the life of your business. You will also be invited to join the bi-weekly training webinar called the iCRYO Huddle where you will receive further training on various topics throughout each year. 


Each piece of equipment in your center has been tested at our corporate location. We are familiar with basic troubleshooting and have a direct line of contact with each manufacturer should there ever be an issue. We have chosen easy to operate equipment with simple maintenance so you are able to provide services in your center with little to no down time.

Marketing and Advertising

Our industry is new and on the rise and marketing and advertising practices are changing daily as our industry and technology evolve. We will keep you up to date on any new and innovative advertising techniques while testing and sharing our results with you as well. As a team, we have been able to test many advertising outlets over time and are confident in the knowledge we have gained for marketing cryotherapy as well as our other services. We will share information on our social media tactics with you regularly to maintain consistency system-wide and ensure you are on target with your marketing endeavors. Our Marketing Team is here to help you succeed through the changes in media and the growth of our industry, worldwide. 

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