iCRYO Cryotherapy is proud to have our mission and culture embedded of every facet of our business. Our comprehensive training program is built to provide you with the tools and education you need to successfully manage and operate your iCRYO Franchise with our mission and culture in mind. We will begin with Franchise Training where we will teach you how to become a successful franchisee then continue with 7-10 days of Management and Operations Training where we will provide hands-on operations and sales training to your team. Prior to opening your center, we will brush up on any topics that need further assistance and help to ensure that your training is complete before the launch of your location. Once you are successfully open for business, we will continue your training with our bi-weekly training program geared toward continuing your iCRYO education. 

Take a look below at how each piece of our training system will benefit your iCRYO Franchise.   

Franchise Training

During franchise training, we will introduce you to what we believe to be the best practices for becoming a successful franchisee. We will walk you through the relationship between franchisor and franchisee as well as the responsibilities of all parties. This training will be classroom based and will cover duties and expectations and will be geared toward you as an individual business owner. We are able to cater this training toward your level of experience and use our time together to build the bond that will begin a long lasting relationship. 

Management and Operations Training

During your 10-day operations and management training, you will learn all that goes into operating your business. We will teach you best practices for opening and closing, educating your guests on your services, and achieving sales goals. We will also go over what we believe to be the best way to lead your team and show you how to manage your guests as well as your employees. 

Your training team is also well educated in operating and troubleshooting the equipment you will have inside your business and is ready to show you all the tricks of the trade. We will also show you how best to maintain your equipment in order to provide an exceptional experience for your guests as well. 

On-Site Training

Prior to your grand opening, a few members of the corporate team will arrive on-site at your location to go over any questions or concerns you may have within your team. We will ensure you and your team are fully trained and prepared to launch your business. During the days leading up to your opening, we will provide feedback and help to establish a seamless flow within your center so that your team is ready to handle your guests with care. 

On the day of your grand opening event, we will be there to assist and help your staff throughout the day. We are here for you every step of the way to make sure you have every opportunity for learning our systems and everything you need to know about the services you are providing to your community. 

Ongoing Training

iCRYO also hosts a bi-weekly huddle webinar where we share with you continuing education and tangible advice you can apply to your business. These webinars are based on franchisee, manager, employee, and guest feedback. Topics vary depending on the season, events, and commonly asked support questions. We also utilize this time to create a community among our entire network where owners and managers are able to help each other out and collaborate on ideas directly with the corporate team. 

For morning information on becoming a franchisee follow the link below. 

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