The diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of twenty-one had left me feeling hopeless and anxious for the life to come battling this autoimmune disorder. A disorder that would change my life in more ways than I could fathom. This treacherous disease came with a lofty list of medication options and a sentence of a lifetime of pain. You can imagine the thoughts that rolled through my head as I tried to digest the information that was given to me in the tiny room at my Rheumatologist's office.

About a year later, I was introduced to whole body cryotherapy. Kyle Jones, COO and Co-Founder of iCRYO Cryotherapy, approached me as I limped across the gym one day and begged me to come try this new therapy at the Physical Therapy Clinic he was working at during that time. It took a few more invites for me to finally try it out, as I had no idea what I would discover once I finally bit the bullet and tried cryothearpy for the very first time.

It was COLD! I remember thinking, "Holy Cow, get me out of this freezing booth." As the session progressed, however, there reached a point where it began to feel as though my body had fully relaxed (even the leg with the extreme flare up I was dealing with at the time) and I was able to finish the 3 minute session with flying colors.

When I headed home after my session, I texted Kyle and literally asked him if this cold thing was real or if I was imaging things. I could move my leg in directions that just an hour before was unattainable. My inflammation seemed to have subsided in a way that I had never experienced before.

When he opened the very first iCRYO location, I spent countless hours there hanging out with the staff and continuing my cryotherapy sessions. About eight months later, Kyle approached me with an opportunity that would become a true blessing to my life. There was a second location opening just down the street and he wanted me to join his team.

My answer... "Absolutely!"

It has been almost three years since the day I said "yes" to joining a team of phenomenal people who, like me, want to impact lives around the world. Even more than that, we have developed a system that allows other people who wish to change lives, including their own, an opportunity to own their very own cryotherapy business with ease.

People reach out to me about what I do on a regular basis. They are looking for solutions to the daily struggles they may have. I am asked often whether cryotherapy will help them. I am also asked by most what it is that we do and whether I enjoy my job. To anyone who asks one of these or any other question they may have about this industry, my answer is simple.

I love what I do because I know the difference in what this new technology can offer someone who has lost hope for or control of the pain and agony they live through every day. I love what I do because I get to teach entrepreneurs how to use their business to give people a chance to take their life back. This therapy has changed my life and I believe with all my heart that it will change millions of lives for decades and centuries to come.

This is why I choose iCRYO.

Written by:

Kara Nugent-Garcia, Director of Franchise Development, iCRYO Franchise Systems